Batac Ilocos Norte

Batac, Ilocos Norte is the hometown of Ferdinand E. Marcos, the post-war president of the Philippines.

It offers a number of scenic and historical tourist attractions including the Marcos Museum or “Balay Ti Ili” and General Ricarte Shrine.

Here you can also have your fill of the famous Ilocano nack “empanada,” which a deep-fried meat pie, and “bagnet” crispy pork with rice. Both go well with “sukang Iloko” (Ilocano Vinegar).

Batac is situated in the heart of Ilocos Norte, 470 kilometers north of Manila and 18 kilometers south of Laoag City.

Marcos Mansion or “Balay Ti Ili”

The Marcoses ancestral house has been turned into a museum that displays the memorabilia of the late President’s 20-year reign, as well as his service in the Philippine army during World War II.

Among the exhibits are dozens of life-size statues of Marcos in various outfits, all the car license plates he used since he joined the public sector a Congressman, and the letters he wrote to the Filipino people while he was in exile in Hawaii.

His body lies in a refrigerated glass case in the adjacent mauseleom. Marcos was born in a nearby barrio, in Sarrat.

General Ricarte National Shrine

This shrine was built in honor of a beloved native of Batac, General Artemio Ricarte, who was a revolutionary hero and a controversial World War II figure.

He was the first chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 1897 and during the American occupation refused to vow any oath of allegiance to the United States.

The shrine consists of a memorial park that features a statue and two field guns on display, as well as a library and museum that has photographs and relics from his life, and also several American and Japanese guns from the World War II era.

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