Southern Leyte Philippines

SOUTHERN LEYTE PHILIPPINES. Discover the place to fulfill your “DREAMS” with its sandy beaches, clear blue waters, scenic rugged mountains, year round temperate climate, diving, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, mountain climbing and peace loving welcoming people; all at a cost friendly to your budget.

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Southern Leyte is the most southerly point of the island of Leyte and has a long coastline from the China Sea to the Pacific Ocean and the Surigao Strait.

It is probably most well known for its Limasawa Island (a small island south of the huge Sogod Bay) which was the site of the first Christian Mass.

Along this long coastal stretch are many fine scenic views of the sea and beaches, but the finest without doubt is the Tahusan Beach in the Bay of Hinunangan.

This bay (reminiscent of Acapulco in Mexico) is surrounded by mountains on two sides and faces the two coral sand islands of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The beach is wide, gently sloping without rocks or any seaweed accumulation and is perfect for swimming or snorkelling and surfboard riding.

The Pacific Ocean is crystal clear and bath water warm. The recently discovered Dona Marta Cave with all its stalagmites and stalactites is now open for exploration and close by. Also its a must to visit the nearby hot Springs.

Surveys are underway currently to map the best scuba diving areas to view the abundant coral reefs and many varieties of tropical fish, in particular the “hammerhead” sea Turtle.

Southern Leyte, Leyte, scuba diving, mountain Southern Leyte has many excellent dive sites which bring tourists from around the world and the elusive Whale Shark can be seen at times in Sogod Bay.

The Province is most well known for its scenic beauty, with its numerous mountains and tropical vegetation and its reputation as being one of the largest rice growing areas.

There are several ways to travel to Southern Leyte Philippines, either by Air (PAL or Cebu Pacific) from Manila to Tacloban City in Leyte and then via an FX van direct to Hinunangan. Or by an aircon bus from Pasay/Cubao in Manila which will go directly to Hinunangan.

Southern Leyte is also accessible from Cebu via Fast Boat to Ormoc in Leyte and then an aircon Van to Hinunangan.

The famous Rositas Native Restaurant is located in Tahusan Beach, well known for its seafood and native and continental dishes, plus there are several KTV establishments for people to try out their singing abilities.

For those visitors who like to dance, the Tahusan Barangay holds a weekly “Disco” and the Hinunangan Tourist board has a variety of organised contests.

One of the best times to visit would be to see the St. Peter and St. Paul Fluvial boat parade on June 28th each year, when hundreds of “bancas” and larger and smaller boats compete in a boat decoration parade around Hinunangan Bay. Also the Hinunangan town fiesta on the 29th June.

Your memorable vacation in Southern Leyte Philippines will make you wish that it would never have an ending, causing you to repeat, like so many other people have said the inmemorable words of General MacAthur “I shall return.”

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